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In the Future Our Electronics Will Think Like Insects

At the recent “Invent-Off” competition held by Qualcomm, the Chairman, Paul Jacobs, shared some of his predictions for the future of technology. While most of his ideas were based solely in the realms of electronics and how they will evolve to make our lives easier, one of his predictions veered off into the world of insects; specifically about their brains.

Jacobs believes that in the future electronic devices will be designed to think like insects in the first step towards creating machines with artificial intelligence. He came up with the idea after speaking with the world’s premier expert on insect brains. The man was telling him that while insect brains are fairly simply constructions with only a small percentage of the number of neurons that we humans have, they are still able to do very sophisticated tasks.

Jacobs says this will make a lot of sense for electronic devices in the future that will need to run on low power, and will for the most part exist to perform simple tasks for humans. When they come against something that their simple computing cannot handle, all they would have to do is communicate with a bigger network that would do the work of analyzing whatever the unknown thing is and it would send the answer back to the simple device. For this kind of work, modeling the system’s “brain” after an insect’s brain makes perfect sense.

Do you think using insect brains as the models for how electronic devices will be programmed to think is the next logical step in technology? What other options are there?