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Immigrants Are Shocked At America’s Thriving Insect-Pest Community

Americans are used to hearing stories and facts about enormous, crazy looking and often-dangerous insects from other, more exotic regions in the world, such as the various environments that exist in Australia. So how does America fair against other countries in the “unbelievably strange bug” department?

The Mideast crisis has driven many people of Middle Eastern origin to relocate to the United States. Despite leaving an environment full of violence and bloodshed, the one thing that many Middle Eastern expats cannot get used to about America is its insect-pest problem.

Now anybody who has lived in the desert knows that an arid environment is still home to some pretty intense looking spiders and insects. Although the desert is indeed home to an arthropod presence, the desert environment, such as what exists in Syria and Iraq, is not typically home to bothersome insect-pests. For example, dangerous and life threatening insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks, are low in number and non-existent, respectively, in desert climates. This makes adjusting to more vegetation-friendly environments difficult for people of Middle Eastern origin.

The reason why so many middle-eastern refugees may be suffering from insect-pest problems in America could be due to the fact that it is not necessary to keep trashcans covered or use bug spray, or call pest-control professionals in arid regions like the Middle East. Therefore, if middle-eastern refugees want to avoid America’s diverse array of insect-pests, then a little education in insect-pest prevention may not be out of the question.

Do you think that the number of insect-pest cases reported by Americans have been increasing in the United States in recent years?