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How To Spot Bed bugs In Your Hotel Room? | Tucson Bed Bug Control

How To Spot Bed bugs In Your Hotel Room? | Tucson Bed Bug Control

Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about bedbugs infesting your luggage and clothing. Whether you are planning to stay at the Motel Six or The Plaza you will want to check every hotel you stay in for bedbugs before you make yourself at home.

Once you enter your hotel or motel room it would be a good idea to drop your belongings in a safe place where there is very little fabric. In this case the bathroom is probably the best place to put your luggage until you have properly searched the room for bedbugs. You will want to avoid placing your luggage on the luggage rack immediately since the luggage rack could easily be a bedbug hotspot. Once you check your sheets and other fabrics for bedbugs, be sure to look for signs that bedbugs may have been in your room before. For example, search for spots of bedbug excrement. The excrement often appears as dried blood, which is maybe the most awful thing that I have ever heard. Although searching for bedbugs may be a gross chore, you will be happy you did if it means keeping bedbugs out of your life.

Have you ever acquired bedbugs while traveling? And if you have, how did you solve your bedbug problem while traveling?