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How to Avoid Bees Stings?

Whenever you spot a beehive or even a single bee around you, the first thought that strikes you is if it is going to sting you. Well! We cannot control this thought process, but we can surely give you a list of “Don’ts” when you are around bees to avoid their painful and deadly stings.

This blog furnishes some things you should not attempt to do to save yourself from the bee’s wrath.

So, without much ado, let’s dive in to learn and unlearn the best ways to avoid bee stings.

What not to do?

  1. Approach the bee’s nest/hive

Sounds obvious, right? But we would still stress on this point. Stay away from that thing! Do not attempt to inspect if it is a bee nest or a wasp nest! They both sting if they feel the need to defend their homes and themselves. Approach a bee’s nest or hive could be interpreted as a threat. This will infuriate all the bees present, and you may have to run from all the bees and not just one or two bees. Therefore, the right choice is to give the bee’s nest space.

  1. Make sudden movements

Bees usually sting people when they feel threatened for many reasons. When the bees get startled by the sudden movements of humans. It angers them, and they launch an attack without any hesitation. So, if you see bees around, do not freak out and make quick movements do not jerk away or toward from them, whatever. Instead, walk away very slowly. If the bees understand that your presence is not threatening them, you will be safe.

  1. Throw Stuff

This one is a strict no. If you even attempt to throw something, it will first appear as a sudden movement, and the bees may get startled. As a result, they may sting you in retaliation. OR, the next thing that could happen is your sudden, flying object will crash with the bee nest or hive. We all know what will happen next. So, stay away from the bee’s nest and do NOT throw a stone or toss the nest with a stick. The consequences of this act can be deadly and can send you to the hospital.

  1. Slap it Away

If a bee lands on you, we understand the impulse to slap it away, but this can make things worse for you. Try to avoid this impulse that may keep you at the receiving end, as lashing out at a bee will leave them with no choice. They will immediately sting you as an act of self-defense and retaliation against your swatting. We have one mantra every time you see a bee on you or near you. Move away from it slowly.

  1. Run 

If you see a swarm of bees coming at you, what will you do? Probably get away from them as fast as you can. But there is a problem with running away from them. If you do so, you are more likely to be stung because, first, it’s a sudden movement. Secondly, your lightning speed may be perceived as a threat, especially if you’re close to them.

Final Words

We hope that the next time you find bees near you when you visit any place, you can follow these simple guidelines to stay safe from bee stings. While these tips are helpful, if you find bees around your own home, these tips may be of no use as you will have to get rid of a bee colony for good. But this is no DIY process. Removing beehive needs experts. Hire pest control professionals. They are trained to remove bee and wasp nests safely and humanely and ensure that they never make a comeback.