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How to avoid a tick infestation

1)     When you will be outdoors in areas
likely to have ticks, the word to remember is COVER! Cover your
head and cover your body. Wear a hat or bandana.  Wear long
sleeves and long pants tucked into your socks. Light-colored
clothing is recommended to make it easier to see ticks.

2)     When you return home from the
outdoors, inspect clothing and your entire body, including your
head, for ticks. Don’t forget to check your family members who may
have been out with you and/or your dog as well. After spending time
in a tick habitat, take a shower because it will afford you the
opportunity to thoroughly inspect your entire body.

3)     Wear insect repellent with at least
20% DEET.  Check with your pediatrician for advice on how to
protect young children.

4)     To keep ticks out of your yard, keep
grass cut low, including around fence lines, sheds, trees, shrubs,
swing sets and other difficult to cut locations and remove weeds,
woodpiles and other debris from the yard.

5)     Inquire about lawn tick treatments by
a pest management professional.  This is especially helpful to
focus on the edges of the lawn where it interfaces with natural
areas. This method has the greatest chance of preventing ticks from
establishing themselves in your backyard.

6)     Pet owners should speak to their
veterinarians about preventative tick treatments, as these can help
deter pet pests and kill ticks on contact/upon being bitten.