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How Do Mice Get So Small?

How Do Mice Get So Small?

Mice may look chubby, but their bodies are actually long and narrow.  They were built by nature for burrowing, and this means virtually no space is too small for them.  In fact, they can gain access into areas the size of one thin dime.

When it comes to keeping these critters out of your space, you can make big gains by sealing all holes that are no wider than a pencil, says Dr. Jim Fredericks, also known as the “pest professor.”

Steel wools is a great material to stuff cracks or holes found in your home, because mice (and other mammal pests) can’t gnaw through it.  To seal up door cracks, add a door sweep to the bottom of your door.  Remember, if the mouse can squeeze it’s tiny skull through an opening, it will be able to easily get its body through, too.

Signs of mice infestation can include the obvious, like droppings.  Other signs of their presence include gnaw marks and food goods that have been snacked on.

Mice are often depicted in cartoons as cute and mischievious, but a mice infestation is no joke.  The can do damage to the home itself, and carry disease.  If you suspect a problem, call a licensed exterminator.