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Here are a Few Resourceful Methods of Staving Off Insects

Summer is a happy time, so it is a bummer when our camping trip or afternoon picnic is interrupted by nosy insects.  But it does not have to be this way, as we can use everyday household items to stop insects from ruining our summertime fun.  Here are a few ways to keep these creepy crawlies at bay.

One method involves taking four tin pie saucers and placing them beneath the four feet of a picnic table and filling them with water.  This method of pest control will keep ants and other insects from reaching your food.  In a more vicious approach towards pest control, it is recommended that you boil a pan of water mixed with cayenne pepper and, once the water has reached a boil, pour the scalding water on various anthills found in your yard.

Also, we all know that when you see one ant there are likely others to come.  This is due to pheromones that ants emit to signal to other ants that a great new food source has been found.  To interfere with this signaling device, it is recommended that you take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with water and the last half with vinegar.  Once your half and half vinegar-water solution has been mixed, spray the solution along your doorway to deter ants from making a home in your pantry.  Good Luck!

Do you know of any other DIY insect traps or pest control? How do they work?