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Guy Uses Bed Bugs to Give Himself a Tattoo

Guy Uses Bed Bugs to Give Himself a Tattoo

Most people want to stay as far away from bed bugs as humanly possible, and also consider them huge pests. Two things I definitely never have linked together are bed bugs and tattoos of all things. One inventive man, however, discovered he could give himself a tattoo using bed bugs. This is definitely one for the record books and is up there on my list of the weirdest ways you can dream of doing something to your body. I’ll bet regular tattoos don’t seem quite so bad to you now. This has got to be much worse than that.

YouTuber Johnny Fedora made a video of himself tipping a jar of 1,000 bed bugs onto a stencil of a rabbit on his arm, letting them chow down for a good 2 to 3 minutes. That right there sounds like it would be a perfect torture to include in one of the levels of Hell, maybe for people who are attention hogs or something. This guy is cool as ice when it comes to these bugs munching on his arm. He even gets excited by how fat some of them get from drinking so much of his blood. Oddly enough, the bunny tattoo actually looks alright about 24 hours later, but you know serious pain from the hives and welts are going to set in and be pure torture. I think anyone that wants to get a tattoo should probably stick to the normal method.

Now, this guy isn’t just being ridiculous to get views on YouTube. He’s actually feeding the ravenous bed bugs because they are being used to train Bob, a bed bug sniffing beagle. So, it’s all for a good cause, but it seems that Johnny Fedora is one of those individuals that are rather allergic to bed bug bites. He posted what his bed bug tattoo looked like after 48 hours, and the bunny shaped bed bug tattoo is swollen and covered with puss-filled blisters. “You gotta remember that this is atypical for a single bedbug bite, but when you’ve got 1,000 or so on you at one time, you get this nice, blistered appearance,” he says.