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Got Insects?

Got Insects?

Though a campaign to teach kids to eat insects three times a day is unlikely to take off, the bug diet seems to be the latest craze among the gourmet set.

Squeamish consumers may not realize that many dishes made with bugs use this ingredient so that is unrecognizable. Grinding them into a power, including as part of a larger dish, or deep frying are all methods that keep their little legs from lodging in anyone’s teeth.

Bugs should be on the menu, but many people still balk at the idea of eating a squirmy animal that is generally considered a pest.  Experts tout the following seven reasons to serve up insects:


High protein.  Compared with beef, crickets are comparatively richer in protein.

Packed with nutrients.  Amino acids, vitamins and minerals abound.

Low-fat.  Bugs will not cause obesity any time soon.

Eco-friendly.  Insect farming is more sustainable than breeding cattle, or fish farms.

Versatile.  Can be baked, sautéed, broiled, fried….or made into flours.

Abundant.  They live all over the world; some regions have 300 plus species.

Tasty.  Grasshoppers and wasps are delicacies and the other bugs have been compared to the delicate flavors of shrimp.  Some do, in fact, taste just like chicken.