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Flesh eating beetles!?

Flesh eating beetles!?

Have you heard of flesh eating beetles? They are nasty critters that go after any dead animal

that may be lying around your yard or if you are a hunter, they may invade your prize. So just how quickly do they work? In a controlled environment, they can strip a skull in less than two days. These flesh eating beetles are interesting because they move quickly and if conditions suit them well, they can even fly.

These beetles have become popular with taxidermists because they do all the work with very little to no cost. Beetles will not eat hair and skin, but they will work methodically to clean the skull of a kill of every ounce of muscle and flesh once the head is dried. They are particular however; they do not like overly warm or decaying flesh.  One taxidermist attributes the flesh eating beetles to their ability to produce museum style mounts calling it “Nature’s way of cleaning up after itself.”

The actual name for the flesh eating beetles is Dermestid. They procreate in just a matter of days and only tend to live for half a year in prime conditions.

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