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A Family’s Home Is Infested With Scorpions

We have all heard about bed bug and termite infestations in people’s homes, but what about scorpions? It is difficult to imagine a scorpion infestation within a home, but it happens. Scorpions are a common sight in desert landscapes, and finding them indoors is not at all uncommon. However, in-home scorpion infestations are not reported often. In Mesa, Arizona one woman has reported a scorpion infestation within her new apartment unit. Initially, the woman assumed that the scorpions she spotted within her apartment could simply be killed or relocated outdoors. But after ejecting several scorpions from her apartment unit, more scorpions showed up in their place. Apparently, the apartment’s management is doing little to resolve the scorpion problem in this woman’s unit. It is likely that the management considers the woman’s claims to be made up or exaggerated given the rarity of scorpion infestations within human structures.   

Kayla Balodis and her family recently moved into a scorpion-infested apartment unit. The presence of scorpions should not have surprised Balodis since she noticed several scorpions within the unit during the initial walkthrough. When Balodis asked the manager about the scorpion presence, the manager insisted that scorpions were only occupying the unit because it had been vacant for a long period of time. After moving into the unit, Balodis discovered more and more scorpions. Unfortunately, the management at the apartment complex does not seem too concerned with Balodis’ complaints. According to Balodis, the manager is dismissive of her complaints. Balodis claims that the manager acts as though the scorpion infestation is not a big deal.

During the winter season, the scorpions within the apartment unit disappeared. However, once temperatures started to rise, the scorpions re-invaded Balodis’ apartment unit. A local news station attempted to contact the apartment building’s management, but the management refused to answer specific questions relating to the scorpion infestation. However, the manager did say that a pest control professional will be contacted in order to eradicate the scorpion presence within the apartment unit.

If you were in Balodis’ position would you start looking for a new apartment building?