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Exterminating Your Pests through Consumption?!

Anyone who has worked in the exterminator business can tell you first hand that there are a lot of bugs out there in the world. So many, and yet they keep reproducing at fast rates, which means there are even more bugs today than there were yesterday. Unless we start to do something about them. And maybe exterminating them works, but there is also another method. We can use the bugs as a way to feed the world.

Of course the average person is going to think eating bugs is pretty gross, and in some cases it can be. If you don’t like slimy food like seaweed, then there are some bugs you probably won’t like. But when companies are waiting around to be able to sell foods like hamburger made from grubs, well then feeding people with the excess bug source we have actually seems a lot more plausible.

The practice could usher in an entire wave of new cuisine across the world, starting all with Sweden who is looking into allowing the sale of bugs as a foodstuff. It could also provide a means of quickly producing large amounts of food across the world because of how fast mealworms can be farmed compared to a cow. And that is the main advantage, the sustainability of this kind of food as well as the eco-friendly process.

Who knows, we could be looking at insect energy bars before long instead of insect removal bombs.