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Drought Means Pests Move Close

Drought Means Pests Move Closer

The California drought is bringing all creatures, great and small, closer to humans.

Pests can include almost any animal that is trying to invade human space, including mice, bugs of all kinds, raccoons, and sometimes even more exotic creatures like snakes or mountain lions.

It’s a simple fact that all living creatures need water, even the ones the use very little like scorpions, ants and reptiles of all types.  So it stands to reason that when its scare, any source of water will do.

Throughout the state, reports of wildlife in yards, on golf courses, and in pools abound.

Be aware of the types that will bite.

Ants and mosquitoes seek water sources near houses, and will enter the house if the source looks good.  The way to avoid them is by removing standing water (this goes double for mosquitoes) and sealing trash containers.  Even tiny amounts of water will attract ants, as they don’t need much to live on.  So take care of drips in your yard!  The rule of thumb for mosquitoes is to remember that they can lay eggs in the water that fills only a bottle cap.

Snakes, who also need very little liquid, but do need some, are slithering to a yard near you. They will often hide gardens, where there are bugs and other critters to eat.  They generally will find daytime places to hide, like woodpiles.  Standing water is a treat for all reptiles, and they’ll use sprinkler leavings as well as drippy areas under faucets.