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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

You can protect your home, and body, from bed bugs using the following six methods.  Don’t wait until you are covered with red welts – take these precautionary steps now!

Just in time for Bed Bug Awareness Week (Jun 7 – 13), you can:

  1. Identify them.  They are reddish brown, oval shaped, flat, and about a ¼ inch long.  Washing clothing if they are found there.
  2. Be realistic.  The vacuum cleaner won’t kill them.  They live on your blood, so no amount of cleaning will totally protect you.
  3. Use the Internet.  Bed bug traps are detailed on several websites for DIY solutions that include baby powder and car wax.
  4. Increase the Heat.  If you can find a way to heat up your space to 130 degrees, this DOES work.  Wait, just call a professional to do this – it takes about eight hours.
  5. Use the high-tech solution at FindBedBugsNow.com.  It’s not cheap, but you will locate these critters (and other bugs, too).

Don’t bring them home.  They will travel from hotels, so store luggage on bathroom floors where they are less likely to live, avoid opening drawers.   Some experts even recommend suspending your luggage from the ceiling