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Don’t let the beautiful wings fool you | The tarantula hawk

Don’t let the beautiful wings fool you | The tarantula hawk

The tarantula hawk is a beautiful insect. It has amazing copper wings that carry its body through the desert in search of its prey. However, don’t let the majesty of its beauty fool you. These insects have a sting that will cause so much pain, according to one scientist, the only thing you can do is lay down and scream in pain.

The tarantula hawk is actually a species of wasp that lives primarily in the south west regions. Thankfully the pain of the sting only lasts about three minutes, but it is suggested if you get stung to just lay down because not very many people would be able to function in that amount of pain without hurting themselves or others.

Typically, the wasp will only attack tarantulas and aren’t aggressive towards humans. That is of course unless they feel threatened. Then they will unleash their stings of fury. They will paralyze the tarantula, and then drag them into their dens. They will also lay their eggs strategically around the food source as to not have to hunt as often. Sometimes they will much on their prey for up to three weeks.

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