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Do it yourself Bed Bug remedies won’t work

Do it yourself remedies won’t work

Do it yourself remedies won’t work on a bed bug infestation. Lately these night time attackers have gained a lot of press.  With good reason of course, they can infest an entire community in no time at all. They find hotels and apartments to be their breeding grounds and will grab hold and move with you, overstaying their welcome and hitchhiking a ride to your new sleeping spot.

There are several indicators of a could be bed bug problem. One of which is their droppings collecting. They will leave their peppery like droppings around the bed area and headboard. Of course another sign is waking up with bites. They stay in hiding in your mattress until you fall asleep, the dangers of you waking up from a bite aren’t one of their thoughts as they buffet style free for all munch on your legs.

The one upside so far is that they aren’t known to carry any diseases, yet. They feed on blood like any other mite, and anyone can be subject to an infestation. Because of their ability to reproduce at high rates, and the fact they can hide making you not even aware until it’s too late, they go undetected until it is too late. If you think you have a bed bug issue call your local pest control company immediately. Chances are if you see one bed bug, its 200 cousins are hanging out somewhere in your mattress too.

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