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Do All Bedbugs Prefer Beds?

After hearing about bed bugs so much this summer one begins to wonder if beds count as a bed bugs natural habitat. While the presence of bedbugs in our mattresses is disconcerting, there are many bed bugs that are content living in other places in your home.

Bed bugs will live and thrive in any place where humans often go. For example, movie theaters and trains are not often associated with bed bug infestations but a significant amount of bed bugs are not infrequently found in these locations. It makes sense that bedbugs would be found in areas with a lot of human traffic, such as hotels, which count for sixty seven percent of all bed bug infestations. However, 89 percent of pest professionals report single family homes as common customers. Thirty five percent of infestations are found in college dorms, nine percent in public transit, and four percent in movie theaters. Many of the residential cases involve picking up bed bugs on public places and bringing them home via clothing, so consider that the next time you want to take a seat in the doctor’s waiting room.

Why are more people than ever reporting bed bug infestations? Why were bed bugs not considered a serious issue until recently?