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Discount Chain Playground for Rodents

Discount Chain Playground for Rodents

One of the fastest growing grocery retail stores in Britain, the B&M, has one store in Manchester that shut its doors recently.  The reason is rodents.  The shop has been plagued with mice who are dining on discount foods in every aisle.

Although the store itself has re-opened, none of the food can be purchased.  Furniture items, which the chain also carries, are the only merchandise for sale.

Warning signs were posted across canned goods, like beans and spam, and in the fresh food aisles, stating: “Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to sell food items for the next 24 hours as of July 1.”

Employees were well aware of the problem, and often joked among themselves about the food being unsafe to eat.  One worker, speaking anonymously, told media that the staff kidded each other it would only be a matter of time till someone died from eating the food.

The Manchester City Council required that all food items in the stockroom be disposed of.  Another staffer reported observing food items eaten by the hungry rodents.

“Myself, I have personally seen food opened by the mice and eaten,” said the employee.

A B&M official told local media that the store was taking the issue seriously.

“We are taking immediate action with this isolated incident to provide further preventative pest control measures.”