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Dignified Man Of Science Eats A Bug After Losing A Bet

The respected Dr. Sam Wang experienced a healthy dose of humility after he was forced to eat a bug live on CNN. The reasons for this strange broadcast spectacle had a lot to do with Dr. Wang’s insistence that a political outsider could never win a US Presidential election. However, Dr. Wang was wrong as Donald Trump, a political outsider, won the American Presidency.

The Dr. claimed that he would eat a bug if Trump’s numbers soared above 140 Electoral College points. Sadly for Wang, the Wisconsin election had Trump gaining enough points to outdo his opponent.

A near hopeless Dr. Wang looked on as Wisconsin was on the verge of triumph. After having to live up to his word by eating some crickets, the Dr. began to wonder at all of the possibilities and benefits that insect based food can bring to humanity.

Would you eat a bug if crowd of people were cheering you on to do so? Or would your repulsion towards insects override the pleasure of the audience’s praise?