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Dengue Fever Outbreak

Dengue Fever Outbreak

Since our mosquito population has grown to new heights this year, people have already been leery about what species of mosquitos are plaguing the U.S. Earlier this year California, Texas, as well as Louisiana reported the presence of the disease-carrying mosquitos. Since they first showed up in the U.S. officials have been determined to keep an eye on the number of people infected, and prevent any major break out. People have been heavily warned this year against getting bitten by mosquitos. Unfortunately, it was not enough to forecast the outbreak of dengue fever in Hawaii recently.

33 people have come down with dengue fever in Hawaii, the biggest outbreak of the disease we’ve seen in the U.S. Officials claim that it was most likely spread by an infected traveler infecting local mosquitos. However, it is unlikely this will be the last time the U.S. sees an outbreak of dengue fever, as the same species of disease-carrying mosquitos have been found throughout the country.  We need to learn from this episode so that we can better deal with and hopefully prevent outbreaks in the future.

Only about a fourth of the people infected with dengue fever ever show symptoms. “Bone fever” generally makes itself known by a high fever and severe joint and muscle pain. Officials say that the overall risk to the public is not high, as the mosquitos in the U.S. aren’t as talented at transmitting the virus, unlike their cousins in Africa. So, no need to worry yet, but it’s best to be prepared.

Has the fear of getting infected by mosquitos troubled you this year? How do you deal with these pests?