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Crunchy Cricket Snacks

You’ve probably heard by now that the insect food movement is spreading far and wide. It’s taken over Europe and is now growing in popularity in the U.S. one curious foodie at a time. One major advantage of eating these crunchy critters is that they take up very little space and require much less food and water. They are apparently so easy to farm and take up so little space that a new company in Brooklyn has just started their own cricket farm, a concept that would be impossible in the “concrete jungle” if we were talking about a farm with cows instead of crickets. Imagine that…a farm in the middle of Brooklyn…it’s mind-boggling!

They plan on making the crickets into tasty snack bites for people to munch on. Since crickets are described as having a nutty, earthy flavor and pair well with spices like cinnamon and ginger, the company grinds the crickets into a fine powder, which they then use to mix with and coat nuts and dried fruit, along with a few spices. These snack bites are like an exotic form of trail mix…you might even say their the true trail mix, as they also incorporate the insects you often come upon out on said trails. And as an added bonus you can get what equals the same amount of protein you would get in a steak in just a little bit of insect powder. These critters are also high in calcium, iron, and omega 3. That’s like getting your vitamins for the day in a bag of snack mix.

Would you consider taking a bite of cricket snacks? What could companies do to these insect ingredients that would convince you to eat them?