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Coyotes Are Getting Closer To Humans

Coyotes are commonly known to dwell within large rural areas. Coyotes can feel like mysterious animals because we know that they are out there, but we never see them. This is obviously because coyotes are active at night.

The days when coyotes were limited to large rural areas is long over, and even people living in large cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Denver are starting to get used to seeing coyotes casually prancing through city parks.

During the spring months reports of coyote sightings in residential areas increases significantly. This is because during the spring and summer month’s coyotes breed and give birth to pups. Coyotes are misunderstood creatures that are not nearly as dangerous as many people assume, and you may have some living near your home without you even knowing about it.

Coyotes tend to be particularly nocturnal when living in close proximity to humans. Coyotes are actually quite abundant in residential areas because food is not scarce in these regions. Deer, mice, voles, rabbits, raccoons, fruit and goose eggs can all make up a part of the coyote’s diet. Coyotes typically avoid encounters with humans, but the coyotes desire for food often brings them within human living areas. It is not uncommon for the coyotes desire for food to bring them into conflict with their human neighbors. This is why it is important to avoid leaving food outside that would only serve to encourage coyotes to invade people’s property.

In order to avoid coyotes invading your property be sure to secure your garbage pails tightly and discourage your neighbors from feeding wild animals. A coyote that encounters you, but does not flee in fear, should be suspected of being sick, or conditioned to human activity. If a coyote approaches you then remain calm and find the nearest indoor facility in order to secure safety and report your sighting to the nearest animal control officials.

Have you ever encountered a coyote during the daytime?