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A Couple Are Attacked By Bedbugs In A Five Star Hotel

A Couple Are Attacked By Bedbugs In A Five Star Hotel

A British couple, John Bowe, 54, and his partner Sharon Murray, spent nearly twenty five hundred pounds in order to stay at a fancy five star hotel for the holidays. The hotel is named Hotel Riu Touareg, and it is located on the African island of the same name. The couple was planning a ten day holiday vacation, and they were also going to celebrate Sharon’s fiftieth birthday. However, the vacation began to turn sour when they awoke each morning to find small red welts all over their bodies. They initially assumed that the bites were sustained while sitting outside. However, each morning more bites were recognized. Having no doubt that bedbugs were responsible for their bites, the couple approached management about the problem. Unfortunately, the hotel’s management only offered the couple a bottle of prosecco in order to compensate for their bedbug-related issues.

The couple tried to forget about the bedbug problem, but their bites did not improve. In fact, after nine days, their bites became much worse. Sharon’s bites covered her entire body by the time their twelfth and final day of vacationing arrived. After John inspected their hotel bed, he discovered that the mattress was not outfitted with a protective coat. John could also clearly see “black dots” on the mattress. The couple complained to management, at which point they were issued and apology and a free bottle of prosecco. The couple visited a doctor as well. The doctor confirmed that their bites had been caused by bedbugs. The doctor issued the couple some medicated cream. Once the couple returned to the hotel, they noticed that their neighboring hotel room had been undergoing a fumigation. Needless to say, this made Sharon very angry, as it appeared that the hotel’s staff were well aware of a bedbug presence near her room. They later discovered that the “black dots” were spots of bedbug fecal matter. As a result of the trip, the couple had to throw away most of their clothes and Sharon’s bites are still present on her body.

Do you think that this couple should have sued the hotel over this bedbug infestation?