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Could termites actually be beneficial?

A problem that is taking over various regions caused desertification, may have found one true benefit to termites. That is quite a sentence isn’t it?  Desertification is what happens after animals have grazed and the groundwater recourses in an area have been depleted. Scientists may have found an answer to the problem.

Termite mounds could make these areas less susceptible to desertification. Termites make tunnels in the soil which better allows water penetration, which in turn makes the soil easier to grow plants in. One study says that because the termites burrow through the soil, it allows rainwater to better penetrate as if there were actually more rain.

While termites may be great for the desert, they can wreak havoc on your home. They can go undetected if you are unaware of the signs of an infestation. They will destroy your home from the inside out by actually burrowing through the main beams and any other wood source. Chances are if you see one or two, thousands of their family members are out of sight making a comfortable home in your house.

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