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Cockroaches Cause Problems For Airbnb Users

Cockroaches Cause Problems For Airbnb Users

Airbnb is a fairly new company, but the international marketplace has exploded. In every major city there could be as many as thousands of homes that double as bed and breakfasts for international travelers. Airbnb is popular due to the low cost of lodging, and the complimentary breakfast that awaits each guest after they wake up in the morning. However, anybody who wishes to turn their home into a bed and breakfast for international travelers must follow specific rules outlined by the Airbnb company. Following these rules are not easy for homeowners that are located in certain regions of the world. For example, the island country of Australia is home to many creepy-crawlies that manage to gain access into people’s homes, and homes that double as bed and breakfasts are no exception. This is why many foreign visitors staying at bed and breakfasts in Australia sometimes panic upon finding insects in the rooms where they sleep. The most common insect sighting among Airbnb users are cockroaches.

One couple traveled by airplane to Sydney, Australia in order to find an Airbnb lodging. Soon after the couple checked-in, the owner of the bed and breakfast received a text from the couple explaining that they had to abruptly leave after finding roaches in their room. The two homeowners decided to describe the roach situation to their Airbnb customer service representative. The owners told the representative that roaches are an inevitable aspect of living indoors in Australia. Unfortunately, the representative responded by saying that the presence of roaches violates Airbnb’s rules concerning cleanliness. The representative advised the homeowners to refund nearly one thousand dollars to all present guests. This situation is far from being the only roach related problem that Airbnb hosts have experienced in Australia. An Australian Medical Entomologist, Dr. Cameron Webb, has stated that the presence of roaches is not an indicator of unsanitary conditions. Even in the cleanest of houses, roaches can still become a problem, and this is especially true in Australia. Roaches are particularly numerous in Sydney due to rapid urbanization coupled with the region’s climate. The roaches in Sydney are too abundant to be eradicated, and living with them is simply a part of life in Australia. So if you hate the rain then don’t take a vacation to London, and if you hate cockroaches then don’t take a trip to Sydney.

Do you think that Airbnb will eventually rethink their policy on roaches as being a sign of unsanitary conditions?