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Child Gets More Than a Simple Rock Stuck In Her Ear

Children have a tendency to get small objects stuck in such places as ears and noses such as peas, rocks, and really anything small enough that they can shove in there. What parents don’t generally expect to find in their child’s ears is a family of worms.

When a four-year-old child began complaining of her ears hurting and itching, her parents at first dismissed her complaints as being simply over dramatic. However, when the child wouldn’t stop crying about the pain in her ears for days on end, they decided taking a trip to the hospital might be a good idea. Thank god they did take her too, since it turns out that an insect called Genus Chrysomya, attracted to her smelly, dirty ears, had climbed inside and laid 80 eggs. It should be noted that these bugs are attracted to extremely unhygienic conditions.

As the worms can cause serious damage if left to their own devices, doctors needed to immediately remove them, and they had to do it very carefully. Removing the worms was no easy task either. The worms first had to be killed so they wouldn’t move too much, which could have damaged the child’s ear bone. They had to remove the worms in two sittings. Despite the removal, however, the child’s bone and skin were still partially damaged. The amount of worms in the child’s ear indicate that she had been suffering with them for quite some time. The simple fact that the insect decided to settle in the child’s ear in the first place indicates some pretty serious negligence on the part of the parents.

Don’t forget to wash your child or children’s ears thoroughly, or you might be making a fun trip to the hospital to get worms removed as well.

What kind of negligence would encourage an insect attracted to extremely unhygienic conditions to settle in a child’s ear? Should these parents even be aloud to have children?