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Cannibal Rat-Infested Ghost Ship!?

Pim De Rhoodes is simple man looking to make a few extra dollars by collecting scrap metal. However, he’s not going around picking up empty bottles or soda cans. He’s more interested in the big picture. How about a ship worth nearly a million dollars in scrap metal? To make it even more interesting, what if that was ship was actually currently lost? The Lyubov Oriova, a 40 year old, three hundred foot Soviet ship, is the treasure that he’s waiting for. But there’s one big problem he’s going to have to face when the ship is finally found. What would be more enjoyable than finding a ghost ship filled to the brim with not treasure – but cannibal rats?

Originally impounded in 2010, the Lyubov Oriova was a Soviet ship taken prisoner in Newfoundland over unpaid debts. Quickly after it was seized, the crew all quite literally abandoned ship. Two years later, the Canadian government began to tow the ship towards the Dominican Republic, in order to recycle it for scrap. However, in the stormy Atlantic seas the tow line broke and the ship was separated. The Canadian government opted to not chase after the ship, and instead await for it to either be spotted near the shore, or have it simply wait for its watery grave. This means that the only thing left alive, even to this time, are only the animals stranded on the boat.

No one has actually seen the ship for over a year, and no humans have even been in the ship for over two years. The ship is known to most likely still be floating, because the life boat transmitters have not been activated yet. So take a moment and imagine the crazy amount of breeding which must be undergoing during that time period, now that human interaction is gone. When the food runs dry, the rats must turn cannibalistic, meaning that the only things left alive on the ghost ship is a vicious mass of killer rodents. Pim De Rhoodes, the scrap metal hunter, states “There will be a lot of rats and they will eat each other. If I get aboard, I’ll have to lace everywhere with poison.” But will just simple poison be enough to wipe out an entire population of these rats? You’d have to imagine that every nook and cranny is filled with the husks and corpses of dead rats, while still teeming with the cannibalistic vermin which are still alive. At this point, you have to wonder if that scrap metal is really worth it.

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