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Bug Fest

Bug Fest

A growing trend of educational events regarding insects is taking over cities, maybe even one near you. One of these events in Philadelphia gave the public the opportunity to really explore the creepiness and the wonder of the insect world out there.

During bug events like these attendees have the opportunity to try everything from bug cooking and tasting to inspecting the creatures magnified 1000 times. From watching Swallowtail butterflies feast on a variety of herbs and spices to carrots to educating the public on the facts how flies feast with their feet or that honey is actually comprised of bee vomit. Who would know these simple facts without bug education?

Caterpillars in a garden can be a sign of a healthy crop, however learning how many is too many may be a vital key in keeping your garden growing in the right direction.

Many people look at bugs and think they are just annoying creatures that will bite or sting or take off with your summer picnic, however they really can be beautiful, colorful, intriguing creepy crawly things.  Sometimes you can even catch the intricacy of their behaviors and how charismatic they can be.

From bees and caterpillars to butterflies and flies, exploring nature and insects is really something everyone should experience.

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