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Are Brown Recluse Spiders Treated Unfairly? | Brown Recluse Tucson

We have all heard about the brown recluse spider and how dangerous they are to humans. However, most people do not have any personal experience with the brown recluse spider, but are nevertheless convinced of their dangerousness from the media and word of mouth. So is the brown recluse as dangerous as many people believe?

According to, Rick Vetter, a spider expert from the University of California at Riverside, doctors often misdiagnose hundreds of brown recluse bites every year, and in places where the brown recluse does not live. In reality, brown recluse spiders have been living with people for a long time and without many issues.

Ninety percent of brown recluse bites end up being successfully treated without any serious issue. And in the majority of cases, brown recluse spider bites do not cause any symptoms at all in a bite victim, and very few even develop a lasting scar.

Have you ever needed medical attention for a spider bite?