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British Town Temporarily Invaded by Bees

British Town Temporarily Invaded by Bees

The city of Leeds, in north central England, is the third larges city in the UK.  Yesterday their population grew when two parts of the bustling metropolis were invaded by swarms of bees.

Tourists and residents alike fled on foot and bicycle as the swarms took over two separate, highly populated districts about two hundred yards apart, near some of the city’s major shopping areas.  Thousands of bees swarmed, flying about and creating havoc among pedestrians, who were also out in great numbers on the warm summer day.

Some onlookers decided it was best to flee, but a few stood about gazing upward at the massive number of flying insects.

Beekeepers were called into herd the bees into protective cages, before being placed into temporary hives for transport, then relocated to a more appropriate landscape.

The two areas were cordoned off while beekeepers in full white suits worked to subdue the bugs.  Bee experts noted the swarming behavior is “perfectly natural” for the warm months between April and July, and happens each year.

The colony gets too big in this season, and new queen bees mean new territory is necessary.  The old queen will leave the hive with about half the colony members to search for a new home.