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Boozy Bugs

Wasps apparently play a large role in the creation of those foamy brews and fruity wines we love to drink. Researchers found in a recent study that wasps actually help yeast to get its groove on and make our alcohol. Scientists found that wasp guts encourage yeast to have sex and multiply. When wasps eat some of the yeast, and their stomachs serve as the perfect breeding ground for the fungus.

During the study, scientists fed five wasps different strains of yeast. They then tricked them into going into hibernation by dropping the temperature to mimic winter. After letting the wasps chill for around two months, the scientists found new hybrid strains of yeast in a third of the wasps. Scientists theorize that the wasps intestines provides a good chemical environment for the yeast to complete reproduction, and the period when they are hibernating gives the yeast a good amount of time to reproduce without interruption.

The wasps spread this yeast around onto different plants such as grapes for wine and help speed up fermentation. Nature finds a way to take care of our every need it would seem. Even our penchant for a nice cold brew is helped along by nature.

Did you know that wasp intestines served as mating grounds for yeast? Did you know that any insect was involved in the creation of alcohol?