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Bed Bugs In Hotel Rooms May Be A Thing Of The Past Thanks To New Technology

Bed Bugs In Hotel Rooms May Be A Thing Of The Past Thanks To New Technology

There are plenty of horror stories circulating on the internet that describe people’s experiences with bed bugs in hotel rooms. Unfortunately, finding bed bugs within hotel rooms is very common. This makes sense since hotel rooms see numerous travelers. Some of these travelers are bound to be carrying bed bugs. Bed bugs in hotel rooms have led to some of the biggest bug-related lawsuits in history. Although bed bugs cannot spread disease, one judge awarded over half a million dollars to one couple who endured a bed bug infested hotel room with little assistance from the management. An apartment owner in Los Angeles was recently ordered to pay his residents three and a half million dollars after the tenants endured long periods of bed bug-induced suffering without any relief from their landlord. To put it simply, hotels cannot afford to have bed bug infested rooms anymore. Many hotel owners are worried about lawsuits resulting from bed bug infestations. Luckily, one researcher has recently developed a device that can track bed bug movements in hotel rooms. This technology could help hotel staff contain and manage bed bug infestations before they get out of hand.

A company based in Helsinki, Finland known as Valpas has created a device that attaches to the legs of hotel beds. This device can alert the front desk of bed bug movement so that a pest control operator can be called in time. Not only that, but the device can even trap bed bugs that linger in the area. According to Valpas cofounder, Martim Gois, this device is the first bed bug control system developed for use in hotels. According to Gois, the current methods in place to track bed bugs in hotels are insufficient. Hotel staff can do nothing more than visually inspect a hotel room before it becomes vacated, but since bed bugs are tiny creatures. But with Gois’ technology, bed bugs can be effectively controlled in hotel rooms. In the long run, buying this technology would pay for itself as lawsuits over bed bugs would no longer be a problem,

Do you think that Gois’ technology is worth the investment? Have you ever woken up in a hotel room bed with what looked like bed bug bites?