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Assassins of the Insect World

There are some pretty terrifying insect predators in our world, but among the fly community the assassin fly takes the cake. These guys are lethal and are equal opportunity hunters, going for insects smaller and bigger than them, and even attacking each other. They are aggressive predators that will wait stealthily on rocks or vegetation till some poor foolish insect passes by and they fly in for the kill. An assassin fly will follow its prey in flight and catch them with its strong legs, which create a kind of basket encasing the prey. They will then inject the prey with powerful venom and then proceed to perch on a nearby branch or leaf to consume their prey. One of the most amazing tools of the assassin fly is its venom, which scientists have so far been unable to fully explain how exactly it works. The assassin fly’s venom not only instantly kills its prey, it actually liquefies its insides, making it easy for the assassin fly to simply slurp up its meal. They then leave the empty carcass and move on to find their next victim.

What do you think of this horrifying predator?