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Are Tarantulas Dangerous To Humans? | Pest Control Tucson

Are Tarantulas Dangerous To Humans? | Pest Control Tucson

We all know tarantulas are ugly creatures, I don’t care what anybody says; nobody can actually enjoy keeping those hairy things as pets. Then again, despite their horrific appearance, very few, if any tarantulas, could be considered dangerous. So why are so many people convinced that tarantulas are dangerous?

Several insect and spider experts believe that Hollywood is to thank for spreading the belief that tarantulas are eight legged killers. This is ironic since tarantulas are only used in movies because they do not pose a threat to humans at all. In reality, the venom contained within even the most gigantic of tarantulas is hardly toxic to human beings. There is not a single North American species of tarantula that is considered dangerous to humans, and the tarantulas that are commonly kept as pets possess venom that is not harmful in the least bit.

There have been reports in the past of some African and Asian tarantula species causing health problems for some people that had sustained a bite from tarantulas, but these tarantulas would never be found in a pet store, and they certainly would not be able to kill a human. At the worst, people will experience an initial sting comparable to a bee-sting, as well as possible muscle cramps, but beyond that tarantula bites pose no threat to humans.

However, it must be mentioned that tarantulas are not necessarily completely harmless in all cases, but this is not because tarantulas can cause harm with their bites. Actually, some tarantulas could cause health problems for humans by flicking their bridle hairs in a humans face. Then again, the symptoms of this sort of attack are also mild. At the worst, a person will experience skin rashes and inflammation of the eyes and nasal passages. Simply keeping tarantulas away from your face can easily prevent these sorts of injuries. So if you want to overcome your irrational fear of tarantulas, maybe you should consider keeping one as a pet since now you know they wont hurt you if your are careful.

Have you ever had a pet tarantula that attacked you with its hairs?