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Are Silverfish dangerous to Pets? | Arizona Silverfish Control

If you have a furry friend, you may know how important they are for your family. To most people, pets are not just animals that happen to live with them. They are part of your family. As family members and well-wishers, we have the responsibility to take care of their healthy life.

We feed them well, groom them, take them for a walk and make sure to fulfill their medical needs. Thus, it is vital to look at all aspects of their health and care.

We all know that fleas, ticks, and mites are bad for pets. But have you ever wondered about silverfish?

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Are these bugs harmful to your beloved pets?

Are silverfish dangerous for pets?

The straight answer is no. Silverfish do not harm your pets.

They do not bite or sting, causing poisonous allergic reactions. Researchers do not believe they carry any pathogens or spread any diseases. So, if your cat or dog brings you a silverfish caught by them, you may assure that your beloved pet is going to be safe.

The problem caused by silverfish to your belongings:

Well, we already know that they do not harm your pets. However, they can damage your belongings along with your pet’s belongings.

  • Dangerous to old photos:

While digital photos are safe, physical images may not be so lucky. Get worried a bit to save your old memories with your pets as silverfish loves to chew them for their delicious dinner.

  • Dangerous to pet food:

Make sure to keep the food materials, especially your pet food, in a seal-tight container if you spot any silverfish in your home. Silverfish likes to feed upon food items rich in carbohydrates and starch. Thus, they won’t bother to ponder inside your pets’ food and contaminate them.

  • Causes allergic reactions to some pets:

Well, you might be confused as we all know that researchers did not find any evidence that silverfish spread any diseases. However, they shed their skins throughout their lifecycle, known as molting. These shredded skins may cause dust resulting in allergic reactions to your pets.

Silverfish prevention tips:

If you find any silverfish inside or outside your house, make sure to follow the steps given below:

  • Control moisture around your home as these bugs will love to hide in places with high humidity.
  • Keep your kitchen dry and clean so that these nocturnal bugs will not crawl for the food sources and peep into your kitchen pantry.
  • Seal the exterior of your house to prevent the entry of these bugs.
  • Repair the holes, cracks, and crevices of the exterior to prevent these pests from entering their way to your house.
  • Install better bathroom humidifiers to dry up the moisture content inside your bathroom.
  • Use naphthalene balls to prevent your clothes from getting holes chewed by silverfish.

Hire a pest control expert:

If all the above preventive methods fail to control the silverfish infestation, it is high time to hire a pest control expert. They will recommend to you the better options to deal with the silverfish infestation.