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The Ants That You Want To Avoid

You may be afraid of creepy-crawlies, but maybe ants do not count for you. Ants are not necessarily aggressive or large, so we don’t feel an instinctive desire to move out of their way. Instead most of the experience that we have with ants probably does not extend beyond stepping on them whenever we are outside. Most types of ants will not cause you much harm, but there are some ants out there that seem nefarious by nature.

The bullet ant is an aptly named little horror because its bite feels like you are being shot. It has been put forth by experts that the bullet ant is capable of dealing out the most painful bite of all insects. These bites can even cause pain for a duration of twenty four hours. If that is not bad enough, these ants can even sting a human being to death. However, bullet ants are not known for attacking their prey all willy-nilly. First you have to disturb the ants’ nest, and then you will be able to experience the full wrath of the bullet ant.

Today a creepy ant known as the bulldog ant can be found in every part of the world, but they are mostly found in Australia. The ants are unique in that they take down their prey, and enemies, with a venom laced stinger. The powerful venom of the bulldog ant is said to cause frequent allergic reactions.

Red fire ants are probably the most well known types of ants in the world. These ants normally feed on plants and seeds, but if they feel threatened, then they can basically kill you. Fire ants possess an extremely potent alkaline-venom that causes a range of negative health effects. These red fire ant numbers have been growing at an alarming rate in the United States in particular.