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Ants and your iPhone

Ants and your iPhone

Sounds like science fiction, right? Controlling ants with your iPhone; it’s not science fiction however it is reality. A new video has emerged showing just that. Ants circling around the iPhone as it begins to vibrate on the ground.

Ants form their lines and trails based on pheromones left by their colony mates. Ant mills are when the ants get caught in their own trails, similar to a dog chasing its own tail. Ants moving in a circular motion marching one by one; the blind leading the blind in the circle until they die. The video of the ants and the iPhone shows what seem to be the ants beginning this pattern once the phone receives a call. Is it the vibration that is causing the ant loop or something more? Scientists have done tests and have found that electromagnet radiation can influence an ant’s behavior. Begging the question, can they actually be trained? Of course that training would be with something more substantial than an iPhone.

Other scientists call the research insufficient to make a conclusive determination. They also site that ants in the wild will do the same behaviors at random times. After a rainstorm, if their colony is washed away, ants being the working team they are will sometimes take that to extreme causing the ant mills.

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