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The trend of eating insects has been slowly spreading across the globe as officials claim that it’s better for the environment and our health. While you can find an increasing number of food products using ingredients like cricket flour, we are still in the phase of slowly incorporating insects into our diet by masking their taste with things like chocolate or grinding them into flour so we don’t actually taste them. However, one man was recently forced to switch to an all-insect diet without the sugar coating. This man actually found himself in a position where he was forced to survive on black ants alone when he got lost in the Australian outback for six days.

62-year-old Hunter Reginald Foggerdy got lost in the remote Australian outback after he went on a hunting expedition for camel. He had no food or water, caving in to his hunger and eating twelve ants the first day, followed by eighteen the next. Believing no one was going to find him he struggled to survive on the sustenance of black ants, which he admitted tasted “quite good.” Foggerdy was finally found by Aboriginal trackers lying motionless under a tree. Despite having eaten the ants, when the trackers found him, Foggerdy’s organs were beginning to shut down.

Would you eat insects if you got lost in the wilderness and had no food or water?