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Some Americans Are Getting Into The Edible Insect Business

Some Americans Are Getting Into The Edible Insect Business

Here in America edible insects have not yet taken off as the next dietary fad. However, there are some entrepreneurially minded people who are starting their own edible insect businesses. Bill and Susan Broadbent are two such business owners, and despite the lack of enthusiasm that many Americans are showing towards edible insects, this brother and sister team seem certain that edible insects will become popular here in the United States.

Both Bill and Susan claim that cricket powder is much more popular among the American public than, say, tarantula legs. The business is called “Entosense”, and it sells a variety of different arthropods online. The online marketplace that these two business owners have created is quite large as it sells crickets, grasshoppers, ants, beetles, scorpions, tarantulas and many more types of bugs that you are probably, at least for now, disgusted by.

In places like Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and China there exists many different edible insect businesses that see a steady amount of business. For example, Thailand has over twenty thousand insect farms. And in Mexico there are over two hundred different types of arthropods that have proven popular among the Mexican public. In fact, over eighty percent of the world’s cultures already eat bugs. Due to the global popularity of edible insects, Bill and Susan believe that it is inevitable that edible insects will become popular here in America. Bill and Susan believe that education aimed at dispelling the false notions that insects are disgusting will soon make people rethink the idea of chowing down on insects and spiders. Some experts believe that every culture in the entire world will eventually develop a taste for insects since many different food sources, especially protein sources, are decreasing while population levels are increasing. By 2050 experts believe that the world will become populated by nine billion people.

Could you ever pictures yourself consuming cricket powder?