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Alien Looking Insect Is Turning People’s Heads

Alien Looking Insect Is Turning People’s Heads

The world is full of strange looking insects. Insects make up the majority of species on this planet, and researchers believe their could be up to ten quintilian individual insects existing right now. That is a lot of insects! As far as humans are concerned insects are already strange looking relative to other animals. However, one particular insect is downright confusing to look at. A video featuring a “devilfish” has recently gone viral and even some amatuer insect experts are curious as to what type of animal they are looking at.

Video footage shot in Indonesia has captured a devilfish moving around on the floor with its hairy tendrils protruding from its midsection at the end of a caterpillar-like portion of its body. After different websites featuring the video footage received tons of speculative guesses and humorous comments concerning which species the devilfish belonged to, experts came forth with answers. Apparently, this creature is an extremely rare type of moth that is known as a Creatonotos Gangis. This moth is native to southeast Asia and parts of northern Australia. The video documenting the moth in action was posted on Facebook by a user named Gandik, who lives in Kebumen, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. It has since been shared well over two hundred thousand times and has received tens of thousands of likes along with many comments from people all over the world. Although many of the comments being made about the unique moth are factually incorrect, entomologists are likely still pleased that the video has generated worldwide enthusiasm concerning insect life.

According to experts, this bizarre moth grows to about a half inch in length, depending on its diet. The “tentacles” of this moth are probably its most bizarre feature. These are not technically tentacles; instead these protrusions are referred to as “coremata.” Only the males of this species possess coremata. The coremata emit a scent that attracts females. Even though the identity of this species has been confirmed, people still seemed interested in the insect as the video is continuing to receive many views.

Have you ever spotted a strange looking insect that you had never seen before and have never seen again?