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Aggressive Spiders – True or False

With their alien bodies, terrifying fangs, and somewhat eerie hunting methods, spiders are often considered to be aggressive creatures, out to prey upon unsuspecting humans the moment we’re not looking. The truth is they’re actually less aggressive than most insects out there. Spiders have gotten a bad rap when it comes to their interactions with humans.

Here’s the real truth: spiders just don’t consider us humans important enough to actually stalk and hunt us down for the chance to attack us when we least expect it. They don’t hide in their webs, plotting our demise, cackling at their ingenious and wicked plans to terrify and smite our entire race. In fact, it is usually the human’s fault when they actually get bitten by a spider. Spiders certainly don’t hunt us down to bite just for fun. In fact, they rarely will bite a human even if they have the opportunity to do so. In all honesty, they don’t really think much about us and are actually rather oblivious to humans. When a spider does bite a human, it is usually because they feel threatened or surprised.

Some spiders who do appear to be aggressive, leaping at us from out of nowhere, are simply misunderstood. People tend to freak out when they see jumping spiders leaping at them like a cat stalking it’s human owner in order to surprise them. However, they usually accidentally jump at you because they don’t have the greatest vision and don’t realize they’re about to slam into a giant human. So, let’s cut them a little slack.

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