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A World With Less Mosquitos

A world with no mosquitos would be a beautiful thing.  Imagine taking a vacation to Florida or the Beautiful Caribbean and not having to worry about which brand of skeeter repellent is the most effective.  As nice as this would be it is a fact that a hefty amount of mosquitos must exist as to not upset the balance of nature.

However, researchers at Mahidol University have found a way to drastically cut down on the annoying flying insect—Sterilization!  Researchers are hoping to establish the first farm in which mosquitos will be contained and sterilized, and then let loose into nature.  Not only are the mosquitos at the farm sterilized, but when male sterilized mosquitos attempt to mate with females, the females will also become sterilized making them unable to produce with fertile male mosquitos.

The idea behind this mass sterilization technique is to reduce mosquito born diseases in the population such as Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and, of course, the new Zika Fever.  Scientists hope to conclude in the future that their sterilization procedure shows results, but in the mean time Zika is still an ugly disease in which the most thourough precautions must be taken to prevent contraction.

What do you think of this method of controlling mosquitos? How might this change the world we live in?