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A Strange New Tarantula Is Discovered In Colombia

Researchers discovered not just a new species of tarantula near the Carribean coast of Colombia, but the tarantula is so unique that it constitutes its own new genus. The new tarantula has been named  Kankuamo marquezi.

This new arachnid is actually quite numerous in this particular area of South America, but researchers only just now discovered likely because of how well this spider camouflages itself. Also, this spider is a nocturnal hunter, and during the daytime it hides in burrows dug into the ground making it difficult to be seen by explorers in the region.

What makes this tarantula unique is the barbs located all over its body. Most tarantulas will collect a few of their barbs and then chuck the barbs at their prey, killing them, and causing a very annoying itch in humans. The newly discovered spider is different in that it does not throw its barbs at its enemy, but simply stabs the barbs into any other spider courageous enough to touch it.

Also, tarantulas do not have a penis, rather their reproductive organs are located at the end of their front legs and resemble little bulbs. This newly discovered tarantula, on the other hand, does have a penis and, for reasons that researchers are not yet sure about, this tarantula’s penis is serrated and looks like a weapon itself. Makes you feel a little sorry for their female counterparts even if you do hate tarantulas.

Do tarantula’s frighten or intrigue you and why?