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A different kind of computer bug

We’ve all used the phrase “my computer has some bugs” speaking in terms of course of the actual bugs in technology causing the computer not to work correctly. But what if you opened your laptop to find actual creepy crawly bugs invading your hard drive?

That’s what happened to one man who then took the experience to YouTube.  Upon removing the actual hard drive, dozens of cockroaches scramble. You can watch the video here. While some people believe this video to be one meant for comedy, it is in fact a reality and a common problem with no clear remedy.

What do you do if you find cockroaches in your computer? I mean really? What would you do? Short of throwing it to the ground and stomping on it after screaming at the top of your lungs? That of course is not the most fiscally sound idea and while it may kill the problem of the cockroaches in that specific machine, your laptop is now also dead.

A few suggestions to the bug problems include turning the laptop on and using the heat to force the bugs out, to using dry ice to kill them, or even freezing the actual laptop, both of which would still leave you with the issue of dead cockroaches in the laptop for you to later have to fish out. No clear suggestion other than forcing them out with heat has been made to clear your laptop of the bugs.

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