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A Comprehensive Guide on Termite Baits

You don’t have to be living in humid areas to be used to termites – they can invade your home provided the necessary conditions are available. While there are different types of pest control methods, baits are common among most homeowners. The inappropriate use of termites baits leads to loss of money, and you will have to deal with these annoying pests for a longer time.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble, you might consider hiring a pest control service provider to address the termite infestation. Nevertheless, here is a comprehensive overview of termite baits to guide you.

Termite Baits: Everything You Need to Know

Are termite baits effective?

When termites invade your home, they will destroy your sofas, tables, and any other wooden structures in the house. However, with the proper understanding of baits, you can control a further infestation in no time.

Baits are considered adequate for termites control because most termites, such as the native subterranean termite, stay in large colonies and use meandering tunnels to move in and out of their territories. So, with proper identification of the tunnels, you can place bait stations and kill numerous termites.

Barrier treatment

Applying liquid pesticide around a building or under it is the traditional method to control subterranean termites. The approach created a barrier to ensure that the termites do not enter the house or infest any structure. Such chemicals repel and kill any foraging termites. It is advisable to be careful when applying such barriers and stick to chemicals with minimal risks to the environment and people.

Termite Baiting Procedure

The efficiency of termites baits depends on the appropriate identification of the termites and the right poison on the baits.

Start by identifying the location of the termites. If they are outside the house, apply a barrier around the home to keep the termites away. Once the baits are placed, you can inspect them often – after a month or a year, depending on the product used. Usually, some infestation will only require baits to address, but you may need to supplement baits with perimeter barriers in other cases.

The bait station comprises a hollow cylinder made of plastic and has slits on its sides that act as the termites’ entrance to the cylinder. After installation, poison is placed in the bait stations. Given that the stations are placed on the soil, the termites cannot detect them. When moving, termites leave a scent trail that attracts other colony members to follow it, making it easy to kill an entire colony.

Hire a Termite Control Company

Baits installation is a significant way to eliminate many termites at once. However, effective installation takes a combination of the right experience and knowledge. That’s why it advisable to engage a termite control company to help you with the baits station’s placement. Hiring a professional termite control company comes with a lot of benefits. Besides setting the bait stations, the company will set the necessary measures to keep termites out of your house for good!

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