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Where do rattlesnakes live?

Where do rattlesnakes live?

Rattlesnakes are one of the most common poisonous snakes here in North America. Specifically in the southwest like in Texas and Arizona. They are venomous and are known for the elusive and familiar rattle sound they make. The rattle works in two ways. First it serves as a warning that the snake is upset and ready to strike. Second, the rattle serves as a distraction. When a snake sees its prey and begins to rattle, the prey will automatically focus on the tail end of the snake opposed to snakes teeth and mouth. Thus making it difficult to avoid the strike.

Rattlesnakes do have a triangle shaped head, and retractable fangs. They will strike or bite their prey, inject their venom, and then eat their catch whole. They do not have regular teeth and cannot chew. Sometimes the digestion process can take up to a week.

They like to hide under rocks and bushes where there is shade, but they also like to feel the warmth. They are known to sun themselves on a rock or anywhere that is warm. They do not tolerate colder climates.

While rattlesnakes are interesting to look at and observe it is best to stay away and keep a healthy distance from them. If you are bitten, seek medical care immediately.

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