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Can Small-Fanged Spiders Bite Us? | Tucson Spider Control

Can Small-Fanged Spiders Bite Us? | Tucson Spider Control

It is commonly asserted that spiders sporting smaller fangs could not succeed at biting a human since their fangs are too short to puncture a person’s skin. This is not entirely true, but there are plenty of spiders that are unable to bite humans on account of their smaller fangs. However, it is only the smallest of spiders, as well as the crab spider, that cannot successfully bite a human. There are, in fact, many spiders that can bite humans while only being three millimeters long.

The vast majority of spiders, no matter the size of their fangs, are capable of biting humans, but spiders avoid biting humans for the most part, and when they do, there are rarely any ill effects that result. Despite the fact that most tiny spiders can easily bite a person, there are still many respected academics and scholarly articles that tell about smaller fanged spiders being incapable of ever biting a human.

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