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How Termiticide Barriers Can Protect Homes From Termite Infestations

The days when pest control professionals relied solely on insecticides for treating arthropod infestations are long over. Today, integrated pest management guidelines state that insecticide treatments are only necessary after more practical pest solutions have been exhausted. Integrated pest management methods aim to prevent arthropod infestations as opposed to treating infestations only after they occur. Many preventative methods have become popular for termite control around homes and buildings. For example, during the past several decades, housing authorities have introduced building laws that make homes less vulnerable to termite infestations, and termiticide barriers are often applied beneath the soil around new homes during construction.

Termiticide barriers are highly effective at preventing termite incursions on property, and this method is the most widely used termite control technique used today. However, physical termite barriers are also becoming more common in the US, as physical barriers, like stainless steel mesh barriers, do not require continued maintenance, and physical barriers remain in place despite soil erosion and removal. Sand can serve as a termite barrier when sand particles of identical size are placed beneath a home’s foundation and/or beneath the soil bordering homes. As long as the sand particles are of a particular size, subterranean termites are not able to build tunnel through barriers.

Soil erosion and land-excavations can form breaches in sand barriers, making them far less effective as a termite prevention tactic. Sand barriers are used to control termites in Australia and New Zealand, but sand barriers are rarely used in the United States, and the state of Arizona has not approved of sand barriers as a termite control method. The reluctance to use sand barriers in the US is mostly due to a lack of performance warranties by licensed manufacturers, and installing sand barriers is much more costly than termiticide barrier installations. While pest control professionals are trained to apply termiticide barriers to properties, there does not exist any official procedure for installing sand barriers. Termites cannot even approach toxic termiticides, but the insect pests have all the time in the world to build mud tubes over sand barriers in order to access a property. At some point in the future, physical barriers will likely gain more popularity as a termite control strategy.

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