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Termites Put An End To A Large Scale Recycling Effort

Termites Put An End To A Large Scale Recycling Effort

Termites are more than just evil critters that destroy households. Although termites cost homeowners millions, or even billions of dollars in property damages each year, termites are also known for their ecological significance. Termites benefit the natural environment tremendously by converting otherwise damaging dead plant debris into organic fertilizing material that promotes vegetation growth. It could be said that termites provide a natural recycling system that is essential for ecological health. Considering the recycling service that termites provide it is ironic that termites have recently prevented tons of wood and other materials from being recycled into other usable materials. In the city of Edmonds, Washington, recycling center officials are refusing to accept termite-infested wood debris. Hundreds of tons of wood debris was going to be recycled in order to avoid adding tons of reusable materials to already overfilled landfills. Thanks to termites this government-planned recycling program will not take place.

City council officials in Edmonds recently outlined a plan to demolish the rundown Civic Field grandstand. The plan was going to proceed in two phases. The first phase was going to involve the collection of recyclable materials from the grandstand rubble. The second phase involved the demolition of the remaining structures that contained materials not suitable for recycling. Unfortunately, recycling center officials will not accept the reusable debris. This is understandable given that all of the reusable debris is infested with termites. Recycling center officials are turning away the debris in order to prevent termites from infesting recycling centers. According to Carrie Hite, Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, the demolition will now only occur in one phase, as termites threw a wrench in the city’s environmentally friendly recycling effort. Council members feel relieved about the early discovery of the termite infestation. Although wasting tons of reusable materials is environmentally tragic, the termites could have become much more problematic if the city’s recycling warehouses became infested with termites.

Do you believe that termites could have spread across large regions of the country if the recycling plan had gone ahead in spite of the termite infestation?

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