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Termites Invade Jacksonville Elementary School

Termites Invade Jacksonville Elementary School

There has been a lot of news coming out of Jacksonville lately about termites and the negative effect that they are having on the environment and the aesthetic beauty of some of Jacksonvilles’ most historic areas. There is even a number of residents who have reported termite infestations within their homes. Now the aggressive Formosan termites are interfering with education, as a school for children has recently been closed due to overwhelming termite activity.

A mother of two twin boys, Angela Carter, was notified by school official Wednesday night that she would have to pick up her two kids up from the school at two in the afternoon on Thursday as opposed to the normal six o’clock. This poses a major inconvenience to parents who require childcare services for their children.

The termite infestation within the school was first noticed a few weeks ago. Then swarms of termites quickly took over multiple classrooms. Termites were first spotted by a few people in random places, but now they are all over the school. According to one of the parents, the Formosan termites are all over the school’s floor, windows, and even the children themselves when they return home from school. “It’s like a horror movie.”

The building closed for a short time in order to undergo pesticide treatments, but many parents will only let their kids return once the infestation has officially ended. Now parents are going to have to arrange for child care services for the next two weeks, and needless to say, the termites have caused the parents a great deal of stress and agony. The principal has apologized on behalf of Chappelle Schools.

According to Erin Harlow with the Duval County Extension Office, Formosan termites typically swarm at night, so she could not understand why the school would be claiming to be experiencing swarms in the afternoon. The Extension Service is tracking the spread of the termites, and they have set one hundred and seventeen traps around the county. So far traps located at areas that include San Marco, St. Johns Bluff Road, North Main Street, and Riverside have all caught numerous Formosan termites.

If you were a kid would you be happy about your school closing as a result of a termite infestation? Do you think that Formosan termites can swarm at any time of day?


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